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VansForVets.Org has formed an Affiliation with WOW Organics of Boulder, CO.

WOW Organics was founded on the ideals of selfless service and devotion to the Veterans and women of our world. We serve those whom have so selflessly served by providing the finest hemp-derived CBD and CBG products available.

All team members of WOW Organics from top to bottom are centered and focused on creating a better community.

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    Please Help VansForVets.Org to continue its Mission to help Disabled and Homeless Veterans, Families and At-Risk Youth by donating an unwanted vehicle or by making a cash donation TODAY!  We need your continued support to continue helping American Veterans and Families whom have given so much to protect our Freedom and Liberty!.  Thank you for caring and God Bless America!

Donate Cash Now to support VansForVets.Org's Community Outreach Programs to support Disabled and Homeless Veterans and Families at PayPal.Com.  Your generous donations help to keep utilities on, provide emergency food, transportation to doctor appointments, to church, to work, to visit family members and so much more.  Please donate NOW!  Thanks You and God Bless America.


                                              WE ARE PAYPAL VERIFIED!

                              To Donate a Vehicle or Motorhome click this link


To Donate in North Carolina or PA call Call 828-390-9914 for immediate free pickup!

Donate Used Vehicles!!!

                      Thank you for helping to keep our Vet's mobile!

   You really do 'Hold The Keys' to changing lives for the better! You can make a difference. Donate today!  Get rid of that unwanted vehicle, boat, etc.  We'll take it and our Vet's will use it!      Please dontate your unwanted or used vehicle, motorhome or boat to help disabled or homeless Vet's and their families'. If you have a piece of property you no longer need or use or don't need or want that old motorhome (or we have 'Sailor-Applicants' who wish to live on a boat!) please donate that property and help end Homelessness in America!

In all other states in the USA call Toll-Free to:  800 456 5517 .  Nationwide call line is operational between the hours of 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Central Time.

Donate Now to VansForVets.Org via Guidestar.Org at .  You can show your appreciation to US Armed Services Veterans by donating your used Van or Vehicle or Boat, or any other conveyance, which we will convey to an Applicant/Family or convert in order to provide vans and upgrades to our client's, Disabled US Veterans and their Families'. We need your help, and your donation may qualify for a tax deduction under applicable IRS codes (see: ).

Through your can change a Veteran's Life...and help his/her family!  More than 38,000 US Servicemen/Women have been injured in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.  Many of these brave men and women face mobility issues and need special transportation vehicles, such as vans and wheel-chair ramps, in order to get to the hospitals and clinics to obtain rehabilitation services. Most of our Vet's have to rely upon the VA or public welfare agencies or ambulance services (which charge fees of up to $350.00 Dollars each time the Vet needs to be transported).

                     Our Mission is to help the Veteran and their Families

When you donate a vehicle to VansForVets.Org the vehicle is thoroughly inspected, serviced and brought into an operable condition (if feasible) and matched to a Veteran and his/her Family. If the vehicle needs to be modified, VansForVets.Org has the upgrades made (at no cost to the client) and the vehicle is conveyed to the Veteran, FREE OF CHARGE. Please Help the Veterans!

Another way to donate is to complete the Vehicle Donation Form below, cut/paste and email to

Helpdesk@VansForVets.Org .  You may also use this form to donate or to contact VansForVets.Org with questions or to arrange for pickup of your donation.  Either way a representative will contact you shortly. We do not disclose any of your information to any outside companies except for the use of completing this donation transaction to arrange for pickup or as required by State and Federal laws.

Donate Online at Guidestar.Org at Thank You!

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                     Vehicle Donation Quick Response Form

Name of Donor:___________________________





Type of Vehicle/Boat:__________________;

VIN #__________________________________________

State Where Titled:_______________________________

Location of Vehicle (Street Address/State)


Point of Contact: Name/Telephone Number:


Please print and complete this form and return same by U.S. Mail or by Email to  If you have any difficulty contacting us call 828-390-9914 .  We'll arrange for pickup in your area within 24 hours or at your convenience! 

 VFV's HQ mailing address is VansforVets.Org 1016 NC Highway 268 Lenoir, NC 28645  

           Thank you for supporting US Veterans!

   Donate Now at Guidestar.Org at To Donate a vehicle call 828-390-9914 or email to Helpdesk@VansForVets.Org 24/7. Thank You!!!